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#49. Stevie Ray Vaughan at Austin City Limits 1989 posted 7:31am cst 1.27.05 This was shot during Stevie's last taping at ACL. The performance was a tour de force. It's the most popular, most requested show we've ever taped on the stage in Studio 6A.

With Stevie it was easy to get that inner looking face-scrunched-up emotive shot, because that's how he usually looked when he played. It was a lot harder to get him smiling at the audience, because he rarely did it.

Here, obviously, he's doing it. He's in front of the home folks. He's clean and sober. He's at the height of his powers, and his band, Double Trouble, is as tight as can be. He had everything to live for, and it was apparent in every way. He was making great music.

Stevie, we miss you.
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